WELCOME to Forever 51……

Wacky name, wacky mom who works, plays, drinks adult beverages at nite, yell at their kids, hate arranged play groups, cook food with full fat, and some with no fat, complain about their husbands, love their husbands, do not wear thong underwear without a Spanx bellyband, let their kids drink sodas and watch tv and play video games, bring home the bacon (in more ways than one), have clean houses when their parents visit, have dust under the guest bed, pull the car too far into the garage just to piss off the ball and chain, have a Martha Stewart voodoo doll, flirt with the bag boys at the grocery store, creep on their teen’s Facebook pages, and know that if anyone tells you that you can have it all as a mom, wife, career, and maid that they are lying and are on meth……



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