50 Shades of Magic Mike….

OOooh, my inner goddess is telling me to go see Magic Mike with the girls tonite.

As a buddy of mine just said, “Time to raise your game, guys!’

What are these middle aged toots going to do with us after the ‘Grey’ trilogy, Magic Mike, and now, Tom Cruise being back on the market. Well, ok, TC not so exciting, but you get my drift.

At least Katie Holmes can start wearing makeup again, and have a somewhat, albeit, very rich, normal life. I guess she woke up one morning and said WTF!!!!!!!??????????? My guess is that happened when she had that baby.   It is pretty easy to be 25 and jaded, because I have been there.

Magic Mike apparently made over $2 million last nite in midnite showings. Who says we don’t go to movies anymore? If it is worth it, we pull on our jammies, smuggle boxed chardonnay in the theatre and watch away.

Review tomorrow-I will not disappoint you.  Pinky swear!

Oh, and bring your copy of Grey.


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