Like Going to a REAL Strip Club, only Cheaper………

I wish I was 18 again. Because I would have a poster of the hot Channing Tatum on the wall in my bedroom. I could fall asleep to him every night and dream of the what if’s…..

Yes, we saw the movie. This past Friday night. It was in 2 theaters and sold out. What was particularly funny to me was that most of the gals  in there were dressed to kill, makeup, hair, sundresses, stacked shoes, like they were REALLY going to a strip club. And it was like going to a real strip club, only you didn’t have to hold your hand over your drink…..

I, of course, snuck in bottled water. That was stupid. I should have smuggled in a bottle of Skinny Girl cosmo’s. Would have been more appropriate.

Movie was great. Even had a message. The dancing was unreal, the guys were hot, especially Mr. Tatum. Who, by the way is from Alabama. I know a good southern boy when I see one. Too bad he is happily married. People Magazine ruined that for me this weekend.

Worth the $11 ticket. Take your girls and go. It is all of the R rating and more. And it was 107 degrees this weekend. I didn’t even notice!


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