Hot Night for Coldplay

Check this one off the bucket list. 5pm yesterday, my girlfriend scores 2 VIP tickets to Coldplay. How long does it take for 2 women in their 40 plus years to decide to go? Oh, about 10 seconds.

Then about 10 seconds to make arrangements at home. I never ask for permission, just forgiveness. Has worked for 24 years of wedded bliss. Try it, it works.


Re-apply war paint. Put on cute lacy shirt and capris. Hop in the BMW and meet said girlfriend, who, by the way, is divorced and utterly fabulous looking.  Load up the cab and plastic wine glasses and fly downtown in the Lexus to the venue.

I’m a huge Chris Martin fan. He’s an artist. He’s British. He has two kids named after fruit and a biblical figure and he is married to one of the most gorg women on the planet. And, he is totally H O T………..

Chris Martin

Rock God, Chris Martin last nite @photo by Rob Cohen AJC


The funny thing about going to concerts in this life now is that I will not go unless I can sit close, sit in a suite, or have the above said VIP tickets. I have worked too long and hard for years to deserve anything less. And, back in the 80s when I worked in FM radio, I was able to see Bruce, REM, Billy Idol, Duran Duran, The Stones, Billy Joel, Elton, and countless other groups in the cheap seats amid the pot smoke and $3 beers. I’ve even sung on stage with Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts. That’s a blog post in and of itself.

Back to the concert–all I can say is WOW.  Wow-club level seats.  Wow-dinner at Chops. Wow-$9 vodka drinks. Wow–being on stage left, about 20 rows away from rock God CM. Wow-no pot smoke.  Wow-sane crowd, mostly up scale 30 plus in khaki’s, sundresses, Tory Burch sandals, and tattoo free (or hidden).  And best of all, the ladies room was clean, short lines, and no one was puking their guts out in there (hard to do at $9 bucks a drink..).

Coldplay knows how to entertain a crowd.  My only regret is that they didn’t play ‘The Scientist’.  They concentrated mostly on the new stuff.  We did get an encore of ‘Fix You’. And these cool bracelets that lit up during certain songs igniting the entire arena in a dance of multi-color lights that was really neat.

Really neat.

Thanks Chris-for allowing me to fantasize that you were going to scoop me out of that audience and take me backstage and have fun in the tour bus.  Or ahem, tour private airplane.

The Mile High Club is still on the list…….


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