Page Turning, Bodice Ripping, and Scandalous

I was having lunch today with one of my best longtime girlfriends-who, by the way introduced me to my husband 25 years ago, don’t know whether to thank her for that or not….and the Grey discussion came up, AGAIN.

I mean, we have to stop talking about this.

Anyhoooo, she is probably one of the most voracious readers I know-can remember and quote just about any book, especially thrillers, and she has had a passion for bodice ripping novels as well. Has a whole trunk full of old ones she recently donated to the local used bookstore and they about peed in their pants when she brought them in and said, “my donation to you for your Grey’s readers.”

And we reminiced about our first racy novels that came out in the 70’s. Our introduction to impassioned heroines, cads, forced sex, bodice ripping, and more. They call them historical-I can now look back and call them hysterical women with heaving breasts who pined over hot, muscled, douchebags who rode horses and carried a sword.

Those novels were Sweet Savage Love (1974) by Rosemary Rogers and Kathleen Woodiwiss’s The Flame and the Flower (1972).

Page turning, bodice ripping, and scandalous!

These were so scandalous at the time, with graphic scenes for the 1970’s reader and they were instant hits.  They were the grandmomma’s of today’s mommy porn!

I remember those books being passed around in high school and we kept them under our beds so big momma wouldn’t catch us reading them. Today our teens just go on the internet into chat rooms and flash their boobs. At least they could do this in period garb for some fun….


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