My Hormones > Her Hormones

If you think you want to wait to have a baby in your late 30s, think again.

I have a 16 year old daughter. I am 52. Do the math.

Her hormones and my hormones are constantly at war with each other. And poor BC is suffering right though it with the assistance of a bottle of scotch. (BTW, my husband will be hereafter referred to BC –ball and chain, get it?– from now on). Lucky him. I don’t think this is what he signed up for.

Oh, we were married 7 years before we even thought about kids. BC is an airline pilot so we enjoyed the benefits of that career all over the US and Europe. Our goal was to do it in as many states as we could including foreign countries. But, because he is constantly in fear of screwing up and losing his job, he will NOT join the mile high club with me. Says when he retires we will–oh yay-I was thinking in your 20s it would be way more fun. In our 60’s we could break a hip…..

So, at the age of 35, in my ‘i can have it all’ era-I had this wonderful little girl after 36 hours of labor and a C Section. That was the end of my perky boobs and flat stomach. And sleep. Though I didn’t know it yet.

And a band nerd having a hot teenager with clear skin, straight long hair and perky breasts is not a great combination. For me or for her.

So at 36 the fatigue was horrendous. She was not a great sleeper, and hated naps. At 16, she stays up until 3am, sleeps until 3pm, and when she is out with her friends she is in a car with other hormone filled, crap decision-making teens just like her.

The sleep deprivation is back.

I asked my younger sister, who is way so smarter than me and had her first at 24-who is now married and completely sane with a Masters and a hot doctor hubby–will this ever end? Am I always going to sleep with one eye open for the rest of my life?

And she said yes-you probably will. Because sane, insane, wild, nerdy, studious, funny, pretty, nerdy, or otherwise, they are your kid and you will always worry about them.

And just as she gets out of diapers, you will be back in diapers. At least you can now wear them under red-carpet ready dresses a la Lisa Rhinna.

But it so worth it. Just try to do this in your 20’s, Ok? Or early 30’s………….


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