Taxidermy, Fur Coats, and Doll Heads-Welcome to My Sunday

Besides wine, antique and flea markets are my crack. So today BC was still sleeping in from his over nite from South America and 16 was of course dead to the world so I stole $10 from BC’s wallet and the check book and took off for the Scott Antique Market.

Because I really really really needed that cement cow statue. And the pink carousel pig from France (Ok, didn’t buy the pig-he was $750 and that would be instant divorce for me).

I am not alone in my quest for the funky and original–lots of other gals were there too, sneaking off with their Starbucks venti and just looking around. I used to be a small time dealer, until I figured out the only way to make money was go to auctions and garage sales, buy crappy furniture, and rehab and /or paint it. Way too much work for me. But I have become well versed in vintage and can spot something cool and unique and if it is not overpriced, I give it a new home. MINE!

So this is how my chicken and rooster addiction started. I love the colors, I love that they are soooo cuuuuttteee, and I bet I have at least 50 of them in my house–ceramic of course. If my neighborhood association would allow it I would have a small chicken coop with the real deal, but I think they would become quick snacks for my terriers.

Antique and flea markets are also generally a kid and teenage free zone. Which is another reason I go. The regular mall makes me want to blow my brains out. Flea markets can be like a nice valium and vodka. Take your time , pick shit up and look at it, and bargain with a dealer. Try that with a moody teen at Forever 21…

Wow-just too many to choose from..

Seems like the trend today is taxidermy.  I saw lots of it today.  WTF – yes ma’am, I would like that Zebra Head on my living room wall, thank you.  Or, how about that ginormous bull head-would look totally awesome over my master bed…..   There were also a couple of vintage fur coat dealers too.  I am happy to see that because nothing is better than showing up to a neighbor’s Christmas party in a fur coat–I am hoping that comes back in status because big momma has a nice floor length one I am stealing.

So dead animal trends are back. Oh, and baby doll heads in glass jars, with spiders on them. Plastic spiders–I kid you not.  They were $150  – I so wanted to get a picture but the gay tattooed dealer didn’t look friendly enough to ask. Which is whey he had baby doll heads in glass jars. With spiders on them……..

It’s obvious PETA is not showing up at these places.  They would be stroking all over the place.  So let’s just keep that a secret. OK?


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