To Tat…or not to Tat….


I just came across one on the funniest posts about tattoos that I can remember–you can read it at Adventures in Estrogen–a fall down hilarious and true blog that I came across today. And it got me thinking (oh, no, not that again…), what is the purpose of this permanent adornment of our body parts?

A couple of years ago, my BFF in Dallas and I were discussing what we were going to do on our 50th birthdays, which were coming up in a couple of months. And, we came up with the idea of the purest form of rebellion for our age group-and a sure way to piss off our husbands. Let’s get a TATTOOOOOOO!!

GOP, Dude! Source USA Today

So it was decided that we were going to meet and have a couple of glasses of wine. Then find a nice tattoo parlor and she and I were going to get cute little horseshoes tatted on our ass region as a shout out to the fact that we MADE it to 50, we were still married to the same guys, and that we are independent, but barely sober adults getting tattoos. We figured that later, in the nursing home when Gladys was changing our diapers, that it wouldn’t be that noticeable and maybe not too faded. I mean, what harm can this do?

Is it not enough that we wear clothes with labels on the outside (Tory, Kors, etc), handbags with LV’s and G’s and Baby Phat plastered on them, shoes with giant C’s on them, even underwear with messages like ‘Not Tonight’ plastered on the rear? Do we have to show to the world that we have just spent a ridiculous amount of money having a butterfly permanently inked on our lower back (tramp stamp) or better yet, a ‘Where’s Waldo’ tatted behind our ear?

Uh, ok… Source @The Secret to Humor is Surprise

Nope, not enough. 50 years ago, the tough dudes had MOM tatted on their arms and shoulders. Bikers had tattoos. Now it has become mainstream. Bummer.

Even my 92 year old mother-in law said in a convo about this a couple of years ago that she had always wanted a little rose tattooed on her ankle. Why does the neo-conservative set (BC included) think it is so trashy? If they are not obnoxious, I think they can be cute. I mean, I could have a Lily Pulitzer seahorse inked on my wrist and it would look so awesome with my multicolored bracelets and jewelry and shit. Hey-that’s an idea….

The neo’s are just scaredy cats. They are such weenies when it comes to expressing themselves. Hell, I think they reason why most of them are so uptight is that they won’t fart in public. Much less have an elephant tattooed on their shoulder. Would do them some good.

The tattoo shop near my home, in suburbia, no less, is really nice and upscale and probably over-priced. Did you ever think you would see upscale and tattoo parlor in the same sentence–anyway, they are next to a really cool martini bar. Maybe this was planned.

So, if me and BFF end up at the happy hour half priced martini bar when she comes to visit and then whip out our credit cards and drop trou at the parlor (darling) next door, I promise. I will post a picture…..


One comment on “To Tat…or not to Tat….

  1. evil one says:

    just remember what happened to the images on silly putty.

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