WTF Wednesday


So last week, 16 and I were in North Florida working on our cancer tan and took a day to go slum around St. George Street in St. Augustine. If you have never been there, it is worth the side trip-cute, quaint town with some of the tackiest T-Shirt shops in the country. You would think that in the oldest city in the US it would be more historic, but, unless you go on the side streets and only hit St George St, this is what you will see.

So I had to buy this for BC. Except that he can even manage to get a foot cramp during the big wiggle. Shoulda bought this about 20 years ago. He didn’t find the humor that I did in this, but then again, he is married to me.

How me & 16 communicate

Then, I had to post this autocorrect fail between me and 16. She posted it to her Instagram so I feel very honored.

It was actually a dialogue between us one day a couple of weeks ago when she actually got out of bed before noon. With the help of Vyvanse. Whoever invented Vyvanse needs to get the Nobel Peace Prize for keeping families together. It really works. It takes the bullshit out of your kid for at least 10 hours. And I am not a fan of medicating but hey, it’s wither that or DFACS at my door. Pick your poison, that’s all I say….


3 comments on “WTF Wednesday

  1. Oh my God, your autocorrect fail is HILARIOUS! Haha!

  2. heartmom21 says:

    Laughed so hard the three teens thought was dying!

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