Presentation is Everything

ImageI love it when someone invites you to a party then within the invite, they also add: Bring a side dish or an appetizer and something to drink!

REALLY??????????? How about bring the whole fucking refrigerator?

I mean, if you are having a party for someone, or something, how about charging everyone $25 a head and hire a damn caterer and bartender.  I get so tired of schlepping my stuff to a party only to leave it, be embarrassed if no one eats it, or my Cabernet is gone in seconds because it was a good one.

Lot of times folks show up with nothing, or some re-gifted bottle of pomegranate wine they got from someone at a Christmas party that didn’t like them.  I got one of those once.  And I discovered that I was truly not an alcoholic because it was the shittiest wine I have ever tasted.  I’d rather have a bottle of Boone’s Farm.

And once, when we participated in one of those (impress your neighbor) dinner group thingies, I had prepared a tenderloin and others were supposed to bring a side dish.  So this tenderloin was like $50 at the meat market (12 years ago..)and everyone brought awesome sides.  Except one.

This couple (who I had never met-this was in the early days of our ‘hood when you were trying to meet people) walks in with a plastic grocery store bag.  She pulls out a bag salad, a bottle of cheap Italian vinaigrette and proceeds to ask be for a bowl to make it in.  Don’t kill yourself sister. 

I have a girlfriend who does the most awesome dinner parties and she said one thing once to me that has been my mantra.  Presentation is everything.  If you put Cheeze Whiz in a sterling dish no one will ever know it’s cheese from a can -it’s in sterling!


I have my own friends now.  And I can prepare my own bag salad.

So off I  go with a bottle of Sutter Home and chips and salsa.  Because you KNOW no one else will bring chips and salsa…..


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