WTF Wednesday Olympic Edition

In honor of the current large sporting event going on across the pond–I did some internet research to find what I feel are some of the funniest WTF photos of athletes at the Olympics-hope you are wearing your Depends: (Oh, and a little man candy….)

Why We Wax…..

Why you shouldn’t go Commando at the Olympics…

Even headless girls can do gymnastics!

Holy Shit-I just jumped of a really high platform!

OK, THIS is a bad day……

There is a reason for allover tanning…

Oh Hell NO!

Uh, see first photo, dude….

OK a little MAN CANDY for my gurlzzzzzz!

Enjoy the Olympics! Because this is the ONLY time it’s  ever acceptable to say that you love to see a guy in a Speedo…..

PS These photos are NOT mine, either….


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