My ONE Post on Politics-Show ME Your ABS!!!

“One day, you are gonna make a good politician’s wife.” This was a comment by a guy I dated after college who OBVIOUSLY didn’t know me that well. Now he’s some big lawyer in North Carolina. Thank god for that–it’s hard enough being true to your insane self, let alone an insane self married to a conservative lawyer in a red state….

Which is why I got to thinking. At 52-I am finding that me and my chicks are pretty smart, know politics, raise kids, animals, whatever. I don’t get particularly political or ‘religitical’ on social platforms. I pretty much keep it to myself. If there is anything in the world I hate more is to piss someone off, or better yet, make them want to unfriend me on social media or in life. BUT, that being said, since I AM OVER 50–  I’m not scared to speak my mind anymore. So this is going to be my ONE POST ON POLITICS.

Here goes….

I am voting for the dude with the best ABS in the race. So come on guys-show us your ABS!!! Because that is really what all of us in the  (insert number here-come one girls-all ages like abs..) plus demo really care about. Frustrated, yep. Going to vote on someone that cheats on his wive or wives (Newt-sorry-never, ever wanna see them), not really. ABS.

So this is what I know:

Barack Obama–Google “Obama Shirtless”–wow–all kids of abs filled pics-for a 50 plus President I’m thinking he looks pretty swell. Major PDA with Michelle-who is pretty cool.

Dude-Where’s my surfboard!

Joe Biden — Not seen these either but his wife is the dope and he is ridiculously funny. Humor is important in politics.

Mitt Romney–Not sure–but dammit-he has GOT to stop walking around like he has a horrible case of hemorrhoids. Please, Mitt-loosen up! Your sons are really hot–pimp them out more.  Coupla them’s pretty hot.

Shit-I forgot the Tucks….

Paul Ryan–According to many media outlets-this guy has KILLER ABS! Works out all the time, sleeps in his office so he can see his family more, needs a hair makeover..but who cares-SHOW US YOUR ABS!

#2 Search-I was one of those numbers. too….

So get down off your elephants and shake your money-maker!

In November I gotta make a decision–geeeze….


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