Carseats, Crackheads, Turtles and Blow Up Sheep…..


Tortellini-Home and Happy…..

I have some really, AWESOME, wacky people in my life. And in the past week they have made me laugh on so many levels. So I have to tell you some funny stuff-and no shit, it’s all TRUE:

I have a photo buddy that lives in downtown Atlanta near the zoo. Today he called me in frustration and said, on his way to meet someone for coffee, “A crackhead tried to sell me a car seat. For $5. Really????”  This is also the guy that I have helped on some photo shoots in some dubious spots in the ATL and I have not been arrested, yet………

One of my most favorite funny girlfriends, who ran screaming from suburbia and lives up in the country in north Georgia and rescues wildlife-in Lilly Pulitzer skirts no less….had a missing 155 lb tortoise over the weekend. Named Tortellini.  Yep-you heard that right. She did make sure that she was freshly made up for the TV interview that followed .

Then I have an old high school bud that has her own baking company and lives in Asheville. She started it when she lived in the Hampton’s on Long Island and it’s called Bake Hampton. She let us know the other day on Facebook that she was off to meet a customer, in a random parking lot, to deliver her caramel brownies. He meets here in this  parking lot  to buy a  supply of brownies for his wife every month. In cash. Seriously. That is an addiction like no other.

My office roomie and I decided that we needed to purchase a blow up doll as a joke for a guy who likes to be (ahem) inappropriate, in our office.  Did you know you can buy a blow up doll on eBay for like $9.95??? And a blow up sheep??  With moveable jaws and stuff??? I kid you not–but the best part of the whole incidence was us laughing like hell as we were searching on the computer.  Oh, I also texted her a pic of my cleavage in sales meeting today.  Is that sexting?

I am working on a vlog (video blog) with my Anti-Martha  neighbor and unreal cook, Dale.  So, the other nite, after a couple of bottles of Chardonnay, we started filming ‘Dishing with Dale’ where she shows us how to make corn chowdah (guess where she is from?) with oysters and how to burn store bought mac and cheese (for the kids) at the same time.  I can’t wait to finish the edit-since I do not know what I am doing-and get it on here. Depends optional.

I make it a point to surround my self with people funnier than me.  Don’t you agree?


6 comments on “Carseats, Crackheads, Turtles and Blow Up Sheep…..

  1. heartmom21 says:

    MAP please don’t make me cry this hard again. Laughing and squealing like a stuck pig on the floor ensues. Seriously, the kids are ready to call DH at work. And I thought my day was special! Humpfh!

  2. fleyvaa says:

    I see you left out the flying cockroach that landed on your chair………….

  3. fleyvaa says:

    I see you left out the flying palmetto bug that jumped from the ceiling and landed on your chair………….

  4. lisavail says:

    Ok, so I want to know who the inappropriate officemate is!

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