WTF Wednesday–I’ve Been Googled…..


This is one of my BFF’s, hugging her tortoise after he returned from a weekend out drinking with his buddies and not answering his texts from her…..

Congrats to me. I have been doing this blog thing since the beginning of July and truly enjoying getting all this quirky shit out of my ADD addled brain. Been holed up in thar awhile.

Hope you are enjoying it too.

Anyhoooo. One of the fun things I have discovered about this bogging thing is seeing what folks on the internet are searching and how it hits my site.

There are quite a few disturbed pervy peeps out there–and I know I have probably disappointed them when they landed here. So for shits and giggles I have made a list, so far, of the search terms that show up on my stats page that I find totally hilarious, and, uh, creepy:

  1. 1. I want the kind of head injury where I wake up and Channing Tatum tells me he’s my husband (good luck with that honey…)
    2. Channing Tatum Pony (he has a PONY??? I didn’t know he liked horses.)
    3. Paul Ryan Shirtless (got that one, oh, and he has an Eddie Munster hairdo…)
    4. Sour puss face gymnast (that’s YOU Makayla…)
    5. Do olympic gymnasts go commando (seriously-I have never even considered this to be important, but makes ya wonder….)
    6. Diapers on teenagers (I have written about me eventually in diapers, but..)
    7. Makayla Maroney ass (she has a donkey????)

And my NUMBER ONE FAVORITE: Drum roll please…..

There’s a mermaid in my bed sex tape !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Commando (Photo credit: scottnj)

Have a great day and don’t forget to tip your waitress, or comment right here!


7 comments on “WTF Wednesday–I’ve Been Googled…..

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    lol I did a similar post today. The one that got me was…the search for “my daughter is using my dildo” yep..eww

  2. JoulesDellinger says:

    Well, we already know about my Wild Horse Sex creepo (which, by the way, has brought a total of FORTY people over to my blog. WTF, indeed).

    Some of my other random search terms that make me giggle: “Was Zac Efron at Blogher 12” (I bet they loved my pic of me making out with him); “If there was an award for being awesome… I would win it every time”; “I think I’ve had my moles removed by an unqualified doctor (yikes!)” and “How to say goodbye to coworkers you hate” (glad I could be helpful!!).

    Yup, the internet is weird!

  3. Forever 51 says:

    Ok this is great–I prolly need to edit again and ask which is your funniest search term?? And, dildo is one of my very fave words in he English language-why I dont know LOL!

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