You Are NOT An Expert on Fine China!

Silver table setting of the siblings Carl and ...

Silver table setting of the siblings Carl and Anna Reiss. C. 1,000 pieces by various German manufacturers, made after 1888. Gallery: Zeughaus, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Mannheim. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Sølvtøy, kuvert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you jerkfaces don’t stop talking about it-I promise-I will NEVER invite you over to dinner at my house.

Nope-keep your dirty little doctrine off my Fine China.

Thank you very much.

Because if you can not behave at my dinner party, or at my girlfriends dinner parties, they won’t lay out their fine china for YOU either.
Everyone (that have manners..) knows that you do not discuss politics or religion at a dinner party.  But you ELEPHANTS  insist on coming to our dinner parties all ready to be an expert on our fine china.

Do you have any idea on what it takes to A) Care for our Fine China, B)Watch over it so no one ruins it, C)Keep it from breaking, D)Earn enough to pay for 10 place settings? Every Month?

The minute you can tell us the difference between gold rimmed and sterling rimmed china, the history of the fine china at my particular table, the specifics of the table setting,  the reason WHY we take such interest and care of our china, the difference between American, French, German, and English china and what it is made of, then MAYBE we can discuss.

Well, let me tell you folks-us girls KNOW our fine china.  We make sure is it sparkling clean (in most cases), it all matches, and it works fabulously with our sterling silver and Waterford crystal. We want to make sure that when you enter our dining room, you will Oooh and AAaahh over our table setting and how great our fine china looks.

That’s it, then go ahead and enjoy your meal and write me a thank you note.  I would have to say most of my voter ready dinner gals with fabulous fine china would agree.


4 comments on “You Are NOT An Expert on Fine China!

  1. cloverhays says:

    If you invite me to a dinner party where fine china is used I promise only to misbehave in an appropriate way. I also promise to drink all the wine from each and every precious ringing crystal goblet you hand me AND not scrape my finely tined dessert fork across the gold leaf of the plate cradling my exquisite piece of cake. Pinky swear.

  2. rebecca2000 says:

    I have fine china and lots of silver like in your photo. I still don’t get it out for guests. I use paper plates. I am just lazy.

  3. Let them leave their doctrine, dogma, at the door. Or you could always feed them outside like a dog. Throw the scraps (of conversation) out and slam the door behind them. T.

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