Where’s Dr. Hotness When You Need Him?


This was my night last nite.  Don’t ask.

Oh, it wasn’t me.

A BFF of mine-ended up in the local ER with horrible right side pain she thought could be appendicitis.  Or an angry ovary.  And no one was able to be with her.  So, of course, I came to the rescue.

Because waiting around, watching the Kardashians, gossiping, and laughing till we hurt (her especially) is TOTALLY something I am up for.

16 was with the boyfriend, BC was in South America, so what better way to spend my WTF Wednesday nite? All I was gonna do was drink copious amounts of cheap wine and watch Honey Boo Boo anyway….

I was hoping for a Greys Anatomy kinda nite-ER door bursting open, people screaming, you know–all that fun stuff.  But up here in the burbs it is WAY to quiet.  The most exciting thing I saw was  a tween bow-head cheerleader with a broken arm. BORING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And besides, they had no bar and the nurses didn’t have much personality.  They did not think my comment about the possibility of a hot intern showing up and giving me a pelvic was particularly funny.

And they would not share the morphine they gave my BFF.  That’s not right in so many ways.  Because you know, us girls, we like to share our madness…

But all turned out well for my girlfriend.  She has a pain in her side. We had pant wetting laughs about the situation.

That pain?   I think it’s her douchebag ex husband, if you ask me…………..


5 comments on “Where’s Dr. Hotness When You Need Him?

  1. Teri says:

    Funny blog!! Found you on the Blog Hop!! Hope you can check my page out as well.

  2. chewylicious says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello from the Blog Hop!

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