Why I LOVE My Friends-Or A Vagina & A Glue Gun…..


The world’s largest festival of nerds was held in Atlanta this weekend and I was planning on going with my buddies to photograph freaks and such.  I asked on Facebook on Friday (during the cocktail hour, of course) what should I wear to the event.  This is the convo that followed (barely edited for effect):

Susan:  I don’t know I was kinda hoping you’d pull out the vajayjay costume! Damn I wish I was closer I’d go with you!
Me:  I’d kill for one of those right about now….
Brent : ‎>palm plant<
Susan : Don’t you just know they’ll be available at a Halloween store near you real soon! Wonder how long it takes that crate to arrive from China!
Gail :Go as Honey VaJayJay and wear the crown as part of the outfit
Me:  OMG Gail  this is better than happy hour!
Gail:   Be the princess of Vag
Susan:   Hahaha Gail I love you! Hey MAP can you bring her with you next month???
Gail:   Make sure to spray some dust on the costume since you are Princess of Vag of  A Certain Age
Me:   That’s QUEEN of Vaj to all of you peasants
Brent:  make it spray glitter
Gail:   Can I join your royal court….We can call ourselves the Mad Vagjers
Susan:   Ew snap! She told us! Lol
Me:   Just you people wait……
Brent:   that’s it.. i’m refraining… I am on hold with my therapist
Susan:   Oh God you know the gauntlet has just been accepted! This is going to be monumental!
Me:   We can be the HAPPY HOO HAAASSS!
Brent:  LOOK.. they are on sale… 2 for the price of one…(link to one on sale on Amazon, for god’s sake)
Brent:   and look.. you can follow by have an chasing inflatable penis costume…(another Amazon link)
Susan:   OMG the crate from China got here quicker than a letter to Atlanta!
Brent:   nope.. that’s not gonna work.. stay on track.. were talking about vajayjay costumes.. not the usps..
Me:   OMG–me and BC-we can go as a COUPLE!! On Halloween–how sweet–Look Mary we found our costumes!
Susan:  Still the furry vajayjay in MAP’s blog is better. More three dimensional.
Me:   Well I can buy a coupla pink boas to glue around the edges….
Me:   And I think BC should go as the vag and I should go as the penis…just saying…
Susan:  Nothing like a woman with a glue gun!
Brent:   OMG..you could go as Abbey and Britney….
Me:   ‎Brent  you are a sick sick dude…It’s why we are friends…..
Brent :   ‎**innocent…** and see i was going to make a string comment but i thought that would be over the top.
Susan :   I need friends like yours in my life!
Me:  Just created a new blog-The Happy Hoo Haas and it will be launched soon!
Gail:  Make sure your vag is v-jazzled for Halloween…get out your glue gun
Gail:   If you’re happy and you know clap your…..oh never mind!
Delph :  Just wear your synchronized swimming outfit!
Gail:  Happy Hoo Haas theme song….’Our Lips Are Sealed’ by the GoGo’s


7 comments on “Why I LOVE My Friends-Or A Vagina & A Glue Gun…..

  1. More 3-dimensional is important. Haha.
    I will be requiring photos 😉

  2. evil one says:

    not sure they aint gonna get you either locked up or rinsed out!

  3. Jen says:

    The only thing that could possibly make this situation better would be to have someone small between the two of you dressed as a giant sperm. A white sheet, a few coat hangers, and a midget would take care of that perfectly!

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