TGIF-Dragon Con, Friends, Cocktail Parties!


I have finally succumbed to the fact that I am over a half a century old. I bought Poise Pads, those corn cover thingies for your toes, and Activia yogurt at Tarjay yesterday. I may be over 50 but I’m going to have great lower bowels in a couple of days.

And, after looking at these new pad devices, they are just brilliant re-marketing and re-packaging of regular old pads in my book. I have been hoodwinked once again by great marketing and shiny objects.

This week’s wrap up includes a post I wrote (er, or copied) about a convo I had with my hilarious friends on Facebook about Dragon Con and their lack of body part costumes–well, those that weren’t hacked up or mutilated or half eaten.

I DID go to the Dragon Con parade and you can see my photos here. What a great time-and these people are heart attack serious about their characters. Gotta like that.

I have started a new Political Party and ask you to join. I just can’t take a side right now and I really think we need to go back to the mid-century ‘cocktail hour’ where you sit down with your better half after work, have a cocktail, and talk about the day. Get all of that stuff out then and then go about your evening. That is one of the reasons that my mom and dad have been married for 53 years.  And how I learned to love a good Manhattan every now and then. So Mad Men.

I did win my tennis match yesterday in 100 degree heat and humidity and didn’t pass out.  Atlanta is the tennis mecca for team tennis especially for bored housewives with money.  In my 20 plus years of playing, the one thing I have remembered is this:  If some old broad comes out on the court wearing knee braces, swigging on a Bud, is a little pudgy and smoking a cigarette, don’t get cocky.  She will probably kick your gymmed-out silicon-boobed matching tennis dress body’s ass in 2 sets.  I know because that old broad could be me.

I had the distinct pleasure of also having lunch today with Leslie of The Bearded Iris.  If you are not reading her blog you should be. She is as great in person as she is on line.  And we , like, totally fucking got along! Woot.

We also have 16 enrolled in a small private high school. We are hoping this will work for her. So far it is.  She has been hit on twice by the boys there and has already made friends with cars. Our work is done!


4 comments on “TGIF-Dragon Con, Friends, Cocktail Parties!

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    I will join your cocktail party 😉 too funny

  2. “wearing knee braces, swiggin’on a Bud, a little pudgy,” haha you just described me when I compete on my horse. How very “Tawanda” of you. Terah

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