My New Normal?


I am overwhelmed. I quit working full time a week ago and I can NOT seem to get myself into a routine for shit.

Maybe it’s because we ditched online home school for 16 and she is now enrolled in a very small private school nearby. So she’s on a schedule again-which is good for her ADD. Mine has yet to click in .

Maybe it’s because all of a sudden my real estate business is getting busier. And with a real possible whack-job listing that I may or may not take–here’s a preview- they have 3 sheep, chickens, one horse, acreage and the house only has 2 bedrooms. . .Sheep and fowl included in the deal!

Maybe it’s because BC had to go in for ‘minor surgery yesterday that turned into a huge episode of ER without the ice pick in the forehead, but close. . .

Maybe it’s because this blog is starting to get more popular–HALLELUIAH JESUS-and I have some sucking up to do to be chosen to compete in Blogger Idol,  I need to get the penises

Craft project for the weekend!

ready for CraftWhores, and finish the Leibster Award ( thanks Joules-will do it I SWEAR!).

Maybe it’s because when I got home from the hospital last nite I find this:

Sorry mommie, I chewed up your vajayjay. . .

My terrorist terriers decided to play in my bag of tricks for my Halloween vajayjay costume…..
Maybe it’s because I am jealous of the trampoline sex that Diapers or Wine is having over at her place. With the frankenscar that BC will have, it will be a while.  Or as my sister said when I sent a pic of him to her  from the hospital last nite:

Can’t wait for MY new normal-whatever THAT is!


4 comments on “My New Normal?

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    LOL If it makes you feel better, sigh…I seem to post at 4:30 in the morning and sleep until 2 pm. It is the life of a writer. You deserve to be popular. You’re a funny chicka.

  2. sue diamond-phillips says:

    Ohmyword love this!! Thanks for the mention and link! I would have more trampoline style boinking, but Mr SWAT told me he was raw:) Tough break…i am so overwhelmed i could poop my pants.

  3. sparkling74 says:

    I totally understand your inability to figure out your new routine. I got through this every June when school gets out. There are so many things I want to do at once, I can’t get started and then I sit around and worry that I’m not doing anything and round and round I go. I get my routine in order just as school starts again. It’s a crazy cycle!

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