Hot Flash Friday – Size 12 is Plus?


Since when is a size 12 called PLUS????

The media has inundated us this week with articles about Robyn Lawley, a 6’2″ Australian model who finally gave up starving herself a few years back and has been working world-wide ever since. Ralph Lauren has hired her stateside to be in their print campaign and ERMAGERD – she’s a SIZE 12!!!!!!!!!!!!  On the Today Show, “So, Robyn, how does it feel to be a plus sized model???”  If she were me my response would be, “Freekin Great–All the way to the Bank, BITCHES!! Gimme that donut!”

HOLY SHIT, batten down the hatches mates, the fat girls are a comin…Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, Hide yo FOOD!

I have read tons of articles that have said that the average American woman is a size 12. And the proof is in the racks at the stores I go to. Check out TJ Maxx, Steinmart, Nordstrom Rack, etc., and what sizes are there the fewest of???? Yep–larges, XL’s and 12 and 14. What is usually the longest rack in the store-the SMALLS. Well, duh.

That’s why I have figured out why Chico’s is such a success. Their sizes run from .5 to 3 ( they are carrying plus 3 now) but on any given day, depending on the style, I can fit in a 1 up to a 3.  Chico’s is like Garanimals (remember-match the tags for a complete kids outfit??) for women. Way less guilt.


This is the bane of our existence starting in our 40s.  The first time I did Weight Watchers, at 38, I dropped 30 pounds without as much as a whimper.  Then over the next couple of years put it all back on and then some.  So I went back.  The next attempt helped me shed 17 pounds–I tried the exact same tact but guess what-the hormones were fighting me all the way and continue to do so into my 50s.  Everything slows down and those asshole hormones are in a committed relationship with carbohydrates. So our metabolism slows down and our bodies are rebelling so the only solution is to eat less and move more.  I have tried every decent diet, multi-level scheme, and saved for lipo.  Guess what-it’s simple-eat less move more.  Duh.

I TRULY LOVE Mexican Food ..There isn’t a tortilla chip in the world I haven’t loved dearly

And it settles in your middle. Hence, middle age.  Or as I like to call it – We are mid-century modern.

So, shout out to Robyn! And media, please take the word PLUS out of your intros and headlines.  Because the only thing most of us girls are is FABULOUS!

Robyn Lawley’s Nutella Souffle Recipe  – I knew I loved her. . .


4 comments on “Hot Flash Friday – Size 12 is Plus?

  1. Bren says:

    It’s absolutely ridiculous imo that a size 12 is a plus size. To me, and I may be biased but a size 12 – 16 woman is normal to me (of course I fall into that range). But I believe a woman looks healthy. To me, skinny mini’s are out and I would love to shove a dozen donuts down their throats in an attempt to put some meat on their bones. hehe 🙂

  2. It's A Dome Life says:

    I think size 12 became a plus when size 0 became the new 6. Why do women’s clothing manufacturers even use sizes? I mean they aren’t standardized in any way. Depending on the style and brand I can fit in a range of 3-5 sizes on the size scale. In one brand I am a large and in another a small. Who makes these decisions? I’d much rather be a size 12 than skinny, hungry and cranky.

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