Divorce Kitty


Ok, I did it. And I am still married.

For now.

I walk in to PetsMart all the time when they have adoptions – the cat rescue folks are there every weekend. But nothing hits me. Then, I was at the vet’s last week with Willie and the minute I signed in the receptionist was like, ‘You want a kitten?”

I gave her the big eye roll. Then I meekly said, “No…uh, but what does he look like??”

And that was it.

It’s just chemistry. You have it with people. You have it with animals. So, I took him home. 16 was thrilled. BC was not. He didn’t speak to me for about a day.

I never thought I was a cat person until my first real boyfriend had one. His family had an orange tabby named Reginald and he was the über coolness of cats. He would sit on top of their fridge in the kitchen and swat your head every time you walked by. He hung out like a dude. He was just the chillest cat I knew. So I talked my parents in to a kitten about a year later (not related to Reginald). The whole fam fell in love with her – we got lucky-she too, was cool and we loved her.

We had a succession of animals in my family growing up.  Shimmy – a small poodle – passed after being bitten by who knows what.  Buster – a cocker spaniel we loved but eventually went to a ‘farm’ to live.  Chipper – another poodle who ended up living with our maid in Newark.  Bucky-another black cocker who passed and was totally over protective of my parents and a little psycho.  Dollie – a bichon who was smarter than my parents and went to live with another one of mom’s maids from north Georgia.  Then mom PAID for a Persian kitten that was so anti social you didn’t know he was in the house because he lived under the sofa.  I think he went to a farm too.  And now, Mac.  Mac has been with my parents for 12 years, has an insatiable need to hump pillows and stuffed animals and detests BC.  We did have one orange kitty that lost a battle with the neighbor’s garage door.  Which I found out about in my late 20s. I was told he ran away. . .


My sisters and I have decided that when Mac kicks the bucket, no more canines for mom and dad.  Just felines.  And FREE ones at that.

Cute little (for now) Tye likes living in 16’s room.  He lounges on her bed, harasses the shit out of  Allie the bunny, plays with the cords to the blinds, has already learned to climb over the doggie gate, and has swatted Willie on the nose.  Adorable.

And BC just called up to me from his man cave. “You know, honey, we need to go get Tye out of 16’s room and socialize him more tonight (meaning– I wanna play with him)”.  Shhhh-he likes him too…


8 comments on “Divorce Kitty

  1. What a cutie!!!! No wonder you caved! Bill once campaigned to add a third cat to our family, pre-kids, and I was stern — two cats were plenty, we didn’t need three cats. Three cats turned you into “cat people” whom we all know are just a little . . . well, you know. The cat in question was a stray kitten that was hanging around the community pool, barely eking out a survival in hopes of scarfing down whatever fell. I’d get regular updates, and every time, I’d just glare and say, “NO MORE CATS.” He solved the problem quite nicely: He gave me the kitten for my birthday. 🙂

  2. evil one says:

    So, you cracked BC’s rock and a soft spot..

  3. MuuuuAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Another conquest! The universal feline plan for world domination pads forward one household at a time. I bet Tye actually speaks in the voice of Sean Hayes. Or maybe Seth MacFarlane. I bet the man cave will soon include a scratching post…

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