WTF Wednesdays – Blogger Idol Assignment 2 At Home!


So today, now that I have been eliminated on the FIRST round of Blogger Idol, I am going to try to do the ‘play at home’ version. Which is nice-no deadlines, no diarrhea.

The assignment this week is: A Day in the Life of Me – As a Member of the Opposite Sex

This could be fun. *Note* could contain offensive terms and language so don’t bitch at me mom!

6:30A Alarms goes off. Yawn. Scratch testicles. Doze back to sleep. Get up. Think of Roseann Barr to rid self of boner. Scratch testicles. Take a shower. Clean testicles. Dry testicles. Dress for work. Emanate flatulence in bathroom. Drive to work. Drink coffee. Arrive at work. Take large dump in Men’s room. Scratch Testicles. Work. Go to lunch. Emanate belch from mouth,then flatulence. Scratch testicles. Rearrange testicles. Work. Go home. Have cocktail. Emanate belch. Eat dinner. Watch ESPN. Take large dump in bathroom. Put on boxers. Scratch and rearrange testicles for sleep. Fall asleep.

Wow-that was easy. I think I’m going to get a sex change, or just add me some testicles…


2 comments on “WTF Wednesdays – Blogger Idol Assignment 2 At Home!

  1. Jen says:

    Guys have it so easy…
    Wake up.
    Scratch balls.
    Go to work.
    Scratch balls.
    Go home.
    Scratch balls.
    Scratch balls.
    Sleep while holding onto balls.
    The only downside I can really think of is that they have to listen to us complaining about how much they play with those wrinkled, ugly fleshbags.

    btw: I thoroughly enjoyed your post for Blogger Idol. I just don’t think they understand your type of humor. Those bastards!

  2. Assholes don’t know what they are missing! i thought it was hilarious!

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