WTF Wednesday –Bless His Heart-He’s Not Gay!


I just saw this video. I cannot tell you how totally ludicrous this is to have a press conference about an event that happened at the University of Tennessee two weeks ago. And I cannot figure out if this is an enormous joke or is serious. ( I was snickering the whole time as I found it unbelievable).  SNL is going to have a field day with this.

Apparently there was a ‘Tour de Franzia party at the Pi Kappa Alpha house and one brother imbibed, er, drank, er something, too much boxed wine.

And ended up in the hospital. With a reported .4 blood alcohol level.

And the report got out that he had been ‘butt chugging’ Franzia. Or having an enema. Whatever. SERIOUSLY????

They could have at least sprung for Corbett Canyon.  It’s in a glass bottle. The hilarious video is below.

So I had  all but forgotten about this, as did as most of the world, when his Dudley Doo Right lawyer called a press conference about the event stating that the media has it all wrong and is irresponsible. That he was not ‘butt chugging’ and definitely NOT homosexual. Which did not really cross my mind when I heard the initial news reports. What crossed my mind was what a proud moment in parenting his mom and dad are experiencing…

But now, for all eternity, the press conference is online. I am still trying to decide if this is a joke or not, or if the Pike house is REALLY that stupid to keep this event public. Oh, right. I remember my days in college. They are that ridiculous. And God forbid he be a homosexual Pike…

And the fact that these guys in the back, his so called brothers, are not laughing is surreal. They look like extras in Men In Black.

Yea we get it.  OH MY GOD, you are NOT GAY! That is what this is really about guys, isn’t it? I hope they lose their charter, I hope UT censors them. They did this on the main campus of UT.  They are standing there promoting stereotypes on TV in 2012.   Another nail in the Old South Is Homophobic Coffin.

Thanks guys.


3 comments on “WTF Wednesday –Bless His Heart-He’s Not Gay!

  1. They’re all gay. Not that it matters. That is hilarious!!!! I thought it was an SNL skit! Terah

  2. That’s definitely the teaching moment we should be having here now. Few things in this life leave me speechless. This is one of them.

  3. […] I also wrote a post last week on a little problem that an oh, so intellectual fraternity at University Of Tennessee had with boxed wine.  If you are […]

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