WTF Wednesday-A Day at Dismal World


BC (the hubs) had his first job ever in the early 70s on Main Street in Disney World.

Yep-folded and unfolded 2000 strollers a day for the guests. Then he graduated up to lifeguard at the Polynesian Resort.

BC’s sister is an executive at Disney and gets us in for free when we visit. Not as easy as you may think. There’s a limit folks and they have to be blood relatives.

They check.

The mouse don’t like to give out free shit.

That said, I had to share this wonderful photo of 16 at the age of 4ish after a day in the Magic Condom Kingdom.

Because I know you people can relate.

It’s a magical place.


5 comments on “WTF Wednesday-A Day at Dismal World

  1. Lisa Vassios says:

    Love, love, love Katie Pie in all her droll! Disney is not an easy day!!!!

  2. Gail Moore says:

    The haircut is precious

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