I love You. Now STOP It! WTF Wednesday


(We now interrupt our regular funny aging boomer blog for the following message)

I love you. Now STOP IT!

There is a thing called an election coming up on November 6, 2012. At this time in our free society we are able, as citizens, with a few rules, natch, to go and place our own PERSONAL vote for who we want to see lead our country. Remember, I said personal.

With the advent of social media, people have taken to twitter and Facebook and more to post rants and their personal views on particular candidates in the hopes that it may change my mind. With this being National Anti Bullying month, I think the same applies for political rants. You are bullying our candidates. You are bullying your friends. You are bullying me. Just stop it.

Elections bring out the worst in many people. Families get divided, friends start not speaking to each other. And I am tired of it.

And through time it hasn’t changed much.  But social media has made it more blatant.  You complain that you police your kids on SM, how about policing yourself?  Uh, lead by example?

We need to influence with facts.  And responsible and respectable conversation.

Understand that many cannot even agree on what is the best flavor of ice cream.  Chocolate or vanilla or strawberry.  So they made Neapolitan. . .

Does the toilet paper go over or under the roll?

Who cares?  I care who leads our country.  And whomever wins I will respect. I may not like it, but that’s life.

So, stop it.  Thanks.

One of the funniest Newhart sketches EVAH!


6 comments on “I love You. Now STOP It! WTF Wednesday

  1. Amen! I had one friend who told me, directly on FB, that I should turn in my vagina if I voted the way I indicated. WTF?! Get a grip, folks. Any post I’ve put out have been ironic “election in general” posts, such as “unusual ways to predict the outcomes”, etc. I DON’T CARE HOW ANYONE ELSE VOTES! Yes, I’d prefer my candidate to win, but we don’t always get what we want, and we should be able to disagree gracefully.

  2. Forever 51 says:

    Um, I vote with my BRAIN , not my vageeen!

  3. Mary n. Cecere says:

    You always know just what to say snd how to say it.

  4. I can barely stand fb during these final pre-election days. People are out of control, posting 20 times a day, and it’s all mean-spirited. Ugh. I miss the days when fb posts were like … “um … I just cleaned my car!”

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