WTF Wednesday – Our Pagans use Golf Carts…


Year 2 of Dumbo …

Trick or Beer!!

What happens when you take your wee halloweenies out for Trick or Treat on Halloween in my oh so privileged hood?

You dress the pagans up, gather their props and load them in to your golf cart.

Yes folks, GOD FORBID They WALK to their friends and neighbor’s homes to get candy. That they don’t need. And don’t forget the beer for Dad who stands at the bottom of your driveway waiting on the prodigies.

Ok, ok, being a little snarky here.

But come on, golf carts? Little trailers attached to ATV’s. Luxury SUV’s loaded with sugar deprived future tennis stars.

What ever happened to walking UP a long street and ringing a doorbell? Then walking back down and walking UP to the next one? Do we not want little Britney, future pro-bono lawyer to break a sweat in that skanky cheer outfit?

Atlanta is hilly. It rests at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains. You would be hard-pressed to find a truly level lot and street here, especially in the north end of the city’s suburbs. But after we moved in this area – that of the gated neighborhoods, the nazi HOA’s, swim team moms and tennis fanatics, I have found that our kids today have a tough time negotiating these hills on Halloween.

Hmmm, they don’t seem to have a problem with the hills when toilet papering your home. Or ringing your doorbell then ditching. Or forking and skittling your yard.

And the teens that show up in NO costume.  It’s an Almond Joy for you Dude!  And you’d better say thank you.

This IS the South you know.

I know of some that even gather in their cul de sacs or at the end of their driveways to give out candy.  Makes it easier for the kiddies.


Walk up my driveway you little mutherf#^!kers!!!!!

I bet I get papered. . .

Happy Halloween!


9 comments on “WTF Wednesday – Our Pagans use Golf Carts…

  1. evil one says:

    give out carrot and celery sticks…

  2. gail says:

    Turn off the lights, lock the door and go out to dinner. That’s my plan for the evening!

  3. I really want to believe you’re exaggerating but I know you’re not. Holy pampered children, Batman!

  4. Almond Joy is the worst candy ever. That’s why I buy it to hand out every Halloween – so I won’t eat it. I know I may sound Scrooge-y, but I HATE Halloween – always did, even when my kids were small.

  5. Love it!! Sounds like an I-remember-when story we tell our kids. FYI we live in a town where a lot of people drive around in golf carts and yes they load their kiddies and costumed dogs in and drive around the neighborhoods. At least they still go door to door, because I wonder if they will telling their kids that they remember when they used to go door-to-door for trick or treating…

  6. imnotasupermom says:

    What is forking and skittling a yard?
    Our youngest is out (walking, accompanied by her father, saying thank you, not walking in people’s yards) for her very last time T-o-T’ing. I’m a little sad, but I’ll console myself next year with the dinner out idea.

    • Forever 51 says:

      Forking is when they put plastic forks all in your yard in the ground kind of a fork you gesture and skittling is effective if it rains that nite-bags of skittles candid in your yard-if it rains the dye gets in your yard…

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