I Almost Killed Deborah Norville for her Shoes….


Photo by Julie DeNeen

Faizul drove me back to La Guardia today.  He is in his second year of physician’s assistant school at St. Johns in Queens and driving a cab to make extra money. We had a great conversation-the guy that picked me up yesterday could barely speak a word of English.  Yet Faizul, born in Bangladesh and living here for most of his 20 plus years, was a pleasure to meet and got me quickly out of NYC before a nor’easter crept in to further paralyze an already hurting tri-state area.  He’s what our country is all about.

I was in Manhattan along with some other fun bloggers I meet through Julie DeNeen to appear on Anderson Cooper Live and tweet about the show.  After I arrived at my hotel, Julie texted me and suggested we meet at Carmines on Broadway for dinner with Kelly of Realhousewife.org and Melanie of melbel.hubpages.com.

Even though I had not personally met these girls except for online as bloggers, it seemed like we had been friends for years-having drinks and calamari at Carmines and laughing about the trials and tribulations of being a writer and blogger.  Maybe one day I will be proposed to by a secret blog admirer, like Melanie…Jealous!

Today we gathered at 7am in the ACLive version of the green room for regular peeps. It was kinda green. And no champagne, or red M&M’s. We received our marching orders and signed over our first-born children and were assigned to live tweet during the show, in which our tweets would be on TV and on a huge screen in the studio (filter time lol).  We were going to be asked various questions about how the election was going in our blogging world but because of time restraints and content, they weren’t able to get to us.  Hey, that’s okay-I got my pic with my new BFF Deborah Norville and met the Obama Hugger Dude!

We were given some tips about being on camera:

1. Try not to touch your face or chat too much with your neighbor because the whole freekin place is miked and whatever you are say,everyone can hear

2. Take off coats, extra clothing etc.–the less clothing you have one, the thinner you look.  Except not naked. Not allowed.

3.  TV studios are freezing ass cold.  Hot flash? What hot flash? Hard to tweet when your hands are numb…

4. Deborah Norville had a sweet pair of Louboutins on, I almost tripped her and ran out the door with them.

5.  The young, un-jaded assistants are bright, cheery, helpful and fun.  And they all wear those Old Navy headsets.  I want one.

6. The show was done in real time-and went incredibly fast.  No bathroom breaks. Sooooo glad I only had one cup of coffee before it started…

Looking really interested in the show…thinking of shoes

7. Anderson Cooper is very personable. And in front of us ate some awesome looking cupcake during a commercial break.  And he is still skinny. Life isn’t fair.

8. They asked who would dance for an AC t-shirt, so, of course, I volunteered.  I did the sprinkler and the spastic chicken dance.  The girl who danced like she forgot her pole got the shirt. Bitch.

9.  @OneFunnyMotha can flat out tweet like a mad woman. Shes a mastertweeter…

Because of the weather, I raced to the airport and got out before they cancelled the rest of the flights.  I am still recovering from my whirlwind trip.

So glad the election is over, so sad I had to leave without photo-bombing Hoda and Kathi Lee.

Soon, people, very soon…

We are BFF’s now


20 comments on “I Almost Killed Deborah Norville for her Shoes….

  1. How fun! What did you tweet about?

  2. Gail Moore says:

    You looked AWESOME!!!

  3. jnine0712 says:

    I love it and just sorry I didn’t get to meet you today. Maybe next time 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    It was so fun meeting you today! I snapped a pic of you dancing…not the spastic chicken though. 🙂 And I’m still cold!!

  5. You would look sooooooooo much better in those shoes than your new BFF. Glad you had fun.

  6. Hi, I spotted the red under those shoes and I believe I let out a gasp as I thought of you ladies. Great story! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great to meet you, and I too was dying about the shoes. I don’t think i’ve ever seen Louboutins in real life. I almost tweeted her shoes, but wasn’t sure… You know how you suddenly find yourself nervous over stupid things sometime.

    Oh, and I love your blog background!!

  8. imnotasupermom says:

    I’d have given you the t-shirt.

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