My House is a Wreck, but I’m Happy!


Are YOU living the dream?

Last week I was able to be a part of a small audience of Bloggers on the Anderson Cooper Live Show. What a fun experience!

Poster in Lincoln Square, NYC @me

And it was mostly because of this crazy blogging thing I have been doing since the beginning of this summer. Since I have stepped out of my comfort zone at the urging of many and started a personal blog, I have been able to be a part of a growing community of writers young and old, and I have had the chance to meet some of my favorite celebs in the blogosphere like Ree Drummond-The Pioneer Woman–and The Anderson Cooper folks. I have also met some peeps famous in the blog community that I admire. To say I’m a little starstruck is an understatement.  But what opportunities in the last six months!

So last week I went and had lunch with my gay husband who is moving to New Mexico with his partner this winter. Long time Atlanta residents, they are looking for a change and are excited and jazzed about a new life out west and starting over. I will truly miss him and he is the only one I know that can get me out of a police situation in the city of Atlanta. So no more sneaking in abandoned buildings with our photo gear to shoot graffiti or meeting me in Midtown to shoot DragonCon. Boo hiss. But I am so excited for their new chapter in their life. Living the dream.

My Photo Accomplice…@me

A lovely couple that I sold a house to over 10 years ago have opened the coolest new design and furniture shop in downtown Atlanta called Steve McKenzie’s. Steve used to have the big corporate job and has now opened a store with his own fabrics, art, and a line of the most fabulous French made furniture you will ever lay your eyes on. I walked in last week and said. “Congrats! You are living the dream!” and Steve exclaimed, “Yes! We are!” With a huge twinkle in his eye. Steve and Jill have such an incredible eye for design, their home has been in Traditional Home Magazine among others. And we both share a passion for folk art. They are stepping out and taking a big chance in this economy but I am certain they will be successful. Living the dream.

@Steve McKenzie’s

Sometimes, I make jewelry. When I am in the mood. And I tend to make more during the winter months because I sit at my kitchen table in terrific sunlight and get all inspired and shizz. Makes BC crazy when I crap up his spot at the table. But anyhoo…a new friend I met had raised three kids and then was served with divorce papers. After all was said and done she rehabbed an old cottage in North Georgia and has a very successful art and gift shop called Cool Bees. She brought FUNKY to my part of town and I sell my jewelry there occasionally. Where else can you find a hand painted Grateful Dead stool in Cumming, Georgia? Times sure have changed. And she is living her dream.

I am so proud and inspired by my friends.

Terry’s stool at Cool Bees @Cool Bees

I am still trying to find out what EXACTLY my dream is. I am writing for the first time in years. I am back in the antique market business rehabbing and blinging out vintage handbags. And I am doing my photography.

My house is a wreck, but I am happy.

Are you living your dream?


16 comments on “My House is a Wreck, but I’m Happy!

  1. This is great! Your joy over finding this new direction comes through really clearly. 🙂 Another bloggy friend of mine has a design blog you might like. Always trying to spread the blog love!

  2. haralee says:

    More on Andy. I adore his laugh!

  3. Julie DeNeen says:

    When I read your post, I feel all energized. Your motivation and inspiration shines through here!

  4. The dream can change every moment. At this point, my dream is for my bedroom floor to get its nice new hardwood without any horrible industrial accidents with people or kitty. Dillon is waaaaaaay to fascinated with that nail gun. But in the grander scheme of things, I pinch myself daily. My life is amazing. And Julie’s right — your enthusiasm and fabulous MAPness radiates from all you write. Keep it up.

  5. I saw the show and was looking for you in the audience! Yes, Mary Anne, am living my dream(s) also. And I am inspired by you and so grateful that you found my blog. You are my “Go-to-Girl” everyday on FBook and Twitter. We are on parallel paths right now. I started blogging almost 2 years ago. It fills me up!!

  6. you’re amazing!! i’m so happy that you’re living the life you want… and it looks fabulous!! go you!

  7. javaj240 says:

    This is great. I’m going to use this line the next time my husband has something to say about my housekeeping skills!

  8. Roshni says:

    Your life sounds fabulous….and, I will stop cleaning my house starting from today!! 😛

  9. Stacy Gonzales says:

    Hi I want to know how much for grateful dead stool cost and let me know contact my email is thanks

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