Warts and All. Why I Love My Faults…


I was trolling around on the internet looking for blog inspiration and I found a couple of folks who do Monday Listicles-they throw out a topic and you write 5 or 10 things about that topic. One was the top things you learned in 2012, and the other was what faults are you thankful for.

These may or may not be faults, depending on perspective.  Maybe they are vices, whatever…

1. I am thankful for my impulsiveness or ADD. It helps me decide, fairly quickly, to buy that overpriced handbag (Hey, honey, I can recoup it on eBay!). In addition to some bad decisions, it has also helped me to take chances on myself, bring home cute kitties and puppies from various rescue places, and start this blogging thing…

2. I am thankful for my addiction to carbohydrates. In real life, carbs and starches are my enemy. But my fantasy would be that someone invent a pill so that I could eat delicious bread based meals like stuffing, cakes, pies, hero subs, french fries and more with abandon. I bet the need for depression meds would be much less…

3. I am thankful for red wine. I even drink it at concerts, which is truly lame. Aerosmith and a glass of cab. Never thought THAT would happen…

4. I am thankful for my sometimes lack of a filter. Lets me know who is real and who is not. This really helps in negotiations in today’s cheerful real estate market…

5. I am thankful for my love of stupid television. Honey Boo Boo, Storage Wars, Real Housewives, Kardashians. Reminds me that I am not as crazy as I think I am…

6. I am thankful for the current Zombie craze. I now know that when I become a zombie, I will be skinny and not have to put on makeup to leave the house. And I can eat anything I want. I am truly a meat eater, suits me well…

7. I am thankful for my love of all things Flo Rida, Lady Gaga, Diddy, Kanye et al. Who needs to teach their kids about sex when you can just turn on the radio?

8. I am thankful for Facebook and Twitter. I have been able to reconnect AND meet with some old and new friends and make a fool of myself for people all over the planet.

9. I am thankful for my potty mouth.  Sometimes. It has taken me a while to figure out where and when to use it properly.  But there is just no better word than those that begin with F for when you stub your toe, hit the side of the garage in your hub’s truck, or yell at your teenager when you find your bottle of whipped cream vodka gone from the freezer.

10.  I am thankful for these lists.  Makes me write when I have writer’s constipation.  And gets me going again!

Have a great week!


34 comments on “Warts and All. Why I Love My Faults…

  1. Love your list! I’d have many of the same on mine 🙂

  2. conniemcleod says:

    I actually share most of the same “faults”! Now, I’m thankful that my propensity to fall down in public gives me things to blog about.

  3. Terrific list! And I agree, lists are always a great way around any writer’s block.

  4. Love your #5! What I mean is that I love that you love it. Yes, some call it a fault – we call it a lifestyle!

  5. wayne says:

    I miss carbs…my diet is crappy without them.

  6. jnine0712 says:

    I also loved your list, especially # 9, because I too can have a potty mouth when it is deemed 🙂 🙂

  7. Oh I think you might be my least twin:). Even down to the real estate thing! Wow!

    I saw Aerosmith last year – it was pouring down rain. I didn’t care I just got a gorgeous rain coat that made me look somewhat like a teletubbie:) hahaha

    Cursing is real close to my heart…I even get tired of the same old dirty words so I make up new ones:) lol

  8. That was supposed to say “lost” twin:)

  9. Gail Moore says:

    I am thankful for Dick Wolf creating the Law & Order franchise which allows me to spend endless hours on my sofa.

  10. Great list! And EVERYTHING is better with a good Cabernet!

  11. Azara says:

    Stupid television is the best. How else would we be able to convince our spouses there are far crazier people than us out there?

  12. Number 3 and 4 are my favourites! Great list, I’m all for keeping it real as well.

  13. Cari Lorine says:

    I’m with you on the red wine, social media, and stupid television. You’re right — we all have our vices! 🙂

  14. rebecca2000 says:

    Haha I love this. I am thankful for vampires that are sparkly so I can point and laugh. I might need to make my own thankful list.

  15. flemily says:

    Great list! Love your honesty (that must be your “no filter” coming through). I can have a potty mouth too and as for my wine, can’t live without it!

  16. Amy says:

    This list is awesome! What would life be without wine and carbs and the F word? Really ——- lame. See? No word to accurately describe it! 🙂

  17. stephsprenger says:

    Love your list! I am a porgy mouth myself…one of my face vices. And Aerosmith and a glass of cab?! Ha! Love it…

  18. Stacy Harris says:

    I am a big fan of zombies too.. and it sounds so weird to be thankful to be apart of that craze. But I am thankful for another reason… because I just bought a kick-ass pair of black boots with a spike heal. I plan on using them on the zombies head. Booyah! Ok – so I will probably end up a zombie since I can’t walk long or fast in those boots – but hopefully that makes me a stylish zombie! 🙂

  19. Love this take on the topic! Great list…I, too, am thankful for my carb addiction! 🙂

  20. stephsprenger says:

    Oh my goodness …the word is potty autocorrect. Get used to it. 🙂

  21. […] I was reading Forever51‘s post. She inspired me to write what I was thankful […]

  22. Red wine WITH zombies! At an Aerosmith concert! 😉 Ellen

  23. Jill says:

    I love stupid television as well! Some think it’s trash, but to me it just shows that money (or a television show about your family) does not bring happiness. It usually brings out the crazy. Great listicle!

  24. Kate Hall says:

    Funny list! Aerosmith and wine – definitely funny!

  25. Stasha says:

    Cabernet and mr. Taylor!? Life doesn’t get much better then that!! Welcome to Listicles xo

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