Kitten + ADD Meds = Black Friday


Psycho Kitten…@me

Today, the kitten took 17’s ADD medication. I think it’s his Black Friday.

6 hours later, he is still alive but is ripping around the house like a psycho cat. Oh, and he got all of 17’s homework done and applied to 10 colleges for her so it’s all good.

I don’t do Black Friday. Never have, probably never will.

The thought of camping out or standing in line for a deal on a television, cotton granny panties, or a $5 fry baby just doesn’t do it for me.

I have friends who make it a tradition to get up early (which you do not have to do anymore, you can now start the night before) go fight the crowds and then have lunch somewhere fun. Good for them. And Nordstrom’s doesn’t count…

I sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, and do laundry. Then I make lunch and dinner out of our leftovers and continue the wine fest. This works for me.

Today I did do some thrift store shopping. As I am a thrift store whore. And my regular haunts were pretty quiet because all the dingalings were at the mall.

And what did I find?

SCORE! Dooney (l) Gucci (r) @me

A Dooney and Bourke leather bag for $4.97

A Vintage Gucci Anniversary handbag authentic (I know my shizz on this ladies) for $23

And some other fun chotchkies for around 9 bucks.

Be jealous.  Oh, I also stopped up the toilet in the Goodwill.  That was fun…

This year I am going to write about a thrift store Christmas and how you can do it too! As long as you have the patience and alcohol to tolerate these places, you will be fine.

So the thrift store whore is getting her game on.  Are you with me?


11 comments on “Kitten + ADD Meds = Black Friday

  1. Jupiter says:

    I would rather go thrift shopping ANY day!

    Hey, I picked a Prada handbag out of a curbside free pile last summer. Totally legit. And yes, I resold it on Ebay. Then spent the money at the thrift store doing back to school shopping lol. I am so with you on the wonders of thrifted goids 🙂

  2. lifestooshorttoplaypossum says:

    Fab finds!! I wanted to go too today but got sucked in. I now have a super headache from not sleeping enough and am thinking about hitting my fav thrift stores tomorrow…while the crazies do the mall and Sat specials at the local stores. I just refuse to spend $24 on a sweater that I will get to wear less than 15 times this year because it’s hotter than hell here in TX. I will however spend $5 on a gently used one!!

  3. haralee says:

    I love a crowd and went to the mall this morning. I love Thrift stores because they are like a treasure hunt. Your did well!

  4. Bren says:

    Whoa! Awesome finds! I’m with you on the “mall” shopping on Black Friday. Ain’t nothing out there worth that to me. Mind you, I don’t have little ones to shop for either. To me, Christmas isn’t about gifts. It’s about being thankful for what you have, family, and good friends. To each his own, right? I need to pop into to my local thrift and see what goodies I can wrangle up!

  5. evil one says:

    I made it the local watering hole and hooked up the IV of vodka.. WIN!!!!

  6. Gail Moore says:

    I will never Black Friday shop. I am envious of your thrift store finds, either I’m the wrong spot or thrift stores suck in my neck of the woods. I shopped for a Christmas tree with my mother and got it put up in the house, so I win the good daughter olympics. And my colon and liver have thrown in the towel on this year’s festivities. Brain still trying to give it a go. Thanksgiving weekend 2, Gail 3.

  7. You cannot possibly toss out “I also stopped up the toilet in the Goodwill” and leave it at that.

  8. I’m a whore! I’m there!

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