Slacker Turkey Leftovers


In honor of my lazy woman’s turkey recipe – I now present you with Slacker Turkey Leftovers!

I really really really really HATE leftovers. BC loves them. He will eat anything in a plastic container in the fridge and GOD FORBID you toss it out after about 2 days.

That guy has ingested more bacteria and funk in the 24 years of our marriage, he HAS to be pickled inside. And he is always getting that “My stomach feels funky” thing and will not admit that maybe, just maybe, it’s the fucking leftovers!

I call them science projects.  If there is ever a Zombie Apocalypse and you need penicillin, come on over to my house.  It’s in the fridge.

The up side of this is that those nights I don’t feel like cooking, he is good with whatever surprise is in the plastic container and I eat popcorn. Or a bowl of cereal. And a glass of wine.

I also love soup. He detests it. I think he was brought up in a secret Japanese household where they slurp it at dinner because if I as much as sip my coffee or make a brothy soup and I ACCIDENTALLY slurp it, he gives me the most unbelievable side eye. If we ever divorce, it will be cause of irreconcilable slurping. I just know it.

Luckily over the years I have mastered the art of leftover cooking, and this turkey leftover concoction is one og the most EASY and delicious I make-many thanks to Big Momma for the creation.

Slacker Turkey Leftovers

Take all of your leftover turkey (or most of it), your leftover dressing, gravy and green bean casserole and place in a very large skillet. You can put it in different corners of the pan if you do not like your food to touch. Heat on medium low and stir for about an hour. You may need to add that emergency jar of gravy you have set aside the day before and maybe a box of stove top stuffing.

When heated through, serve over rice or frozen mashed potatoes, waved of course, and add a can of peas or a salad and VOILA – great day after fare.

Big Momma taught me that you always have a can of peas in the pantry.  They go with everything.  So when she leaves this world I am making sure she goes in a can of peas.

Me too…


18 comments on “Slacker Turkey Leftovers

  1. evil one says:

    oh… and btw.. it is the day after the day after.. but thank you any how

  2. You made me laugh! My brother and sister-in-law were debating yesterday about whether or not to throw something out.
    My brother and I are of the “just toss it” mindset. Our granny once killed a dog with her gravy. Death by gravy!

  3. Stacy Harris says:

    I just realized that right after I read the part about slurping… I slurped my coffee. It wasn’t intentional. But hey – my husband slurps too! 🙂

  4. No matter what your problem or issue may be, there’s a cheesy YouTube video that illustrates it. Check out “The Leftovers Are Coming to Get Me.”

  5. jnine0712 says:

    Oh I am slurper from way back, lol!! But seriously loved the peas part and admit I always have a can in the house, too!!

  6. lizbaird says:

    Another game of chance with leftovers… frozen ice crystal mystery meals…. is it soup? spaghetti sauce? chili? A game of chance – fix pasta or not?

  7. I would not eat leftovers for the longest time! Actually it wasn’t until I started college and became incredibly poor where I started eating them!

    As for soup! I love soup, but I’m a cream soup type of gal!

    Love your blog, funny funny stuff! The pic is hilarious!

  8. Hilarious…I hate left overs. Hey my husband eats just about anything too…I always tell him if I wanted him dead – all I have to do is put some concoction that looks like orange soda in the fridge. He’d drink it. He drank my glucola for my glucose test when I was pregnant….sheesh! The. He noticed the label that said “test beverage”……

  9. So funny! I am a slurper! So I had to guffaw at that!

  10. Mrs. Tuna says:

    We carefully cover and enshrine our leftovers only to pitch to make room in the fridge on grocery shopping day.

  11. Julie DeNeen says:

    peas in a can are an absolute necessity.

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