Bloggers Day of Silence


image1In honor of the victims of Newtown, most Bloggers are not posting today. Also, our Bloppy Blogger Group raised over $3000 for Ben Wheeler’s family for his funeral arrangements. Thanks to all who helped this family.



4 comments on “Bloggers Day of Silence

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    I am confused. What day are people not blogging on?

    • Forever 51 says:

      Today until tomorrow-it’s voluntary-I don’t know who exactly started it but I’m in a big Blogging group on FB called Bloppy Bloggers and they talked about it-go over there and join us-lots of great tips and ideas and fun peeps

  2. It's A Dome Life says:

    I missed the notice on the blogger day of silence because I wasn’t on the Internet much. I blogged yesterday after three days of silence. I wish I had known.

    I am so proud of your group for raising $3000 to help Ben Wheeler’s family. That is a really good thing. It’s nice to hear about people coming together like that to help. Your group is full of good people!

  3. That is awesome. First I heard it was Tuesday, and then I heard Wed and I didn’t know if it was still happening, I ended up blogging both days! How wonderful to raise money like that for a worthy and very sad cause.

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