Hot Flash Friday-We’ve Been Lied To…..


I hate dieting. And below is the reason why.

I was in my local grocery yesterday, excited to get good stuff since BC and 17 went on a camping weekend today. Four whole days ALONE in my house. This is waaaay better than a weekend at the Ritz with the hubs.
No performance anxiety.

So, I thought I might give some of those frozen meals a try as I plan to be so busy cleaning, organizing, repairing simple things reading books and drinking wine. In front of my little fake log in the fireplace. But alas, it’s going to be in the 70s here this weekend.

I am easily sucked in to a good deal, two for one, pretty pictures on boxes and the like at the store. So when I saw the cover of this one, and the fact that I could GET 5 FOR $10 I was game. And I thought I would share with you my little experience. Oh, and you can meet my dogs…

Blah blah-we’ve all heard it-weight loss is harder starting in your 40s. Yadda Yadda. But for shit’s sake, food companies this is BAIT AND SWITCH! And as time has gone by, these meals have also become smaller, and smaller, and smaller……one of these and about 2 hours later, facing eating another one, you’re like, “Ah Hell NO! I’m going to get me a QUARTER POUNDER…” And the vicious cycle continues.

All groceries need to do is have a menopausal section. Fresh fruits, vegetables, chocolate, wine and prime rib.
And a masseuse, Swedish preferably.

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12 comments on “Hot Flash Friday-We’ve Been Lied To…..

  1. lbrochstein says:

    I am laughing over here because I buy those things and never make them unless I am desperate. By then they are covered in their furry freezer coat of ice! I would just stick to the wine! You have the grapes, which satisfies the fruits on the food pyramid chart.

  2. cloverhays says:

    I am down to eating unsalaried cashews, celery and wine. Oddly, the more I up my wine intake, the less I miss food.

  3. Gail Moore says:

    You have to eat 2 boxes of those things to be full, and the leave a funny taste in your mouth. I think it is the fake cheese.

  4. the facebook logo on the back on the box screamed frankenfewd :-)!

  5. Ellen Dolgen says:

    Loved the part with the strike-through text :>) So funny!

  6. Oooooh, these “meals” are a favourite gripe of mine, too. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Lori Jo Vest says:

    Ummmm….yum? Not! You are too entertaining. My favorite part was the dogs. Thanks for the giggle.

  8. A menopause section…oh, that makes perfect sense! I also hate diets…but seem to forever be on one! Very funny!

  9. Pretty funny! Weight Watchers as program works great. Frozen food? Not so much. Better to get a pressure cooker and good ingredients and do it yourself… fast, tastes better, and you can still follow the program…

  10. I’ve found all I have to do to lose weight is work out two hours a day, six days a week and consume no more than 1800 calories with no dairy, wheat, gluten or refined sugar, which I log obsessively on my iPhone. It’s fun. Really.

    BTW I’d give the hub’s left nut for a weekend alone in my house with books and wine.

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