The Soundtrack of My (Love) Life


Recently, a writer friend of mine posted an article on Huffington Post 50 about the soundtrack to her life. This got me thinking, which is not always a good thing…


My life soundtrack would be ALL over the place. I love everything from Hip Hop to Classical. After listening to the local rock station in my car this weekend, and hearing a couple of key songs that would go in that list, I decided to share the soundtrack (or in this case, albums) that I would put together that would best describe my LOVE life from the dark ages of the 1970’s on. So, here goes…

In high school, I didn’t have a boyfriend. Oh, in my mind I was dating one or two of the cutest boys in my town. One would cut through my yard every day on his way home from school and, pathetically, hoping he would hear HIS favorite music, I would blare Bachman Turner Overdrive from my parent’s stereo. My scenario was that he would stop in, listen to the tunes, then fall madly in love with me. Alas, this did not happen. I think he married an Asian woman after college and ended up on the west coast studying rocks. Seriously. Whew–close call.220px-Bachman-Turner_Overdrive_-_Not_Fragile

I ended up at a woman’s college in the South and the preppy movement was in full swing. My freshman year I was going out and enjoying frat parties, but had not found love.  That is, until the summer of my freshman year, and BACK in New Jersey, I met the first real boyfriend I ever had. And every time I hear Jim Morrison, the Grateful Dead, or Rush, I’m swept back to those days of haze, fun, and talking on the hall phone in the dorm at all hours of the night. And sneaking up to the University of Delaware, on a train with a box of Krispy Kremes without my parents knowing, to the anti-prep that I was in love with.220px-The_Doors_-_L.A._Woman


Big breakup ensued my Junior year and I traded the New Jersey guy for the ultimate frat party boy at the nearby college. Fraternity proms, parties, ball games and a Pontiac Firebird came with new boyfriend. And it didn’t last too long. But that was fine, I was firmly entrenched in the wildest group of party/frat guys and girls at my college. It was worth it. Until he found another girlfriend with the same first name. Awkward…….

Anyone who went to a southeastern school in the late 70’s early 80s, knew that listening to Beach Music was the big thing. Dancing the Shag, drinking copious amounts of hunch punch and being on the arm of one of the wild guys at the ACC/SEC ball games was the ultimate in street cred. And singing on stage with Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts. Pure, unadulterated fun.

I was happily employed after school at the local Top 40 FM radio station when I met frat/party/grad student/wanna be Virginia boy at a party. This guy could dance. And spend money. And he wore bow ties. I should have known. NEVER date a bow tie dude if you know what’s good for yourself. 3 years wasted trying to get a commitment out of a guy who cared more about his social status in Richmond than finding a real job…or settling down. I think he’s an eBay Power Seller now…..

These guys will make you crazy, later on...

The Bible at most Southeastern Colleges in the early 80s

I know ALL the words....

I know ALL the words….

Single life in Atlanta in the mid eighties was bliss. I finally hit my stride and enjoyed being single. Then I was set up on a blind date with who is now BC. I was excited when I went to his apartment and saw the singularly most impressive audio set up of any guy I had dated. All the bells and whistles, the latest electronics and Bose 901’s to add to the picture. Anyone who personally OWNED Bose 901’s at that time was either a true audiophile, rich, liked loud music or all of the above. I was in heaven. Then I looked at his album collection. Uh, all 10 of them, beginning with this:220px-The_Best_of_Bread

I had some work to do.

Smart man, he married into a huge collection, which I still have, of some the best rock and pop albums of the 70s and 80s. I even had an autographed Billy Joel cover, including an original Cold Spring Harbor (his first), original Beatles White Album, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Bruce. What more can you ask for?

It is 2013. Those 901’s are at the top of my bookshelves in my fancy great room. There is not enough fake ivy on this planet that will hide those. Sigh…..

Like I said, my love life can be defined by the albums I have. Still have. I look at them and have such find memories of the Jersey Shore, dancing all night with my fun guy at the frat house party, going to see Springsteen with a cute guy, and even marrying the album-impaired man in my home 25 years ago.

I wonder what our kid’s soundtracks are going to be. Trapped in iTunes forever, sadly, they will never know the new smell and crispness of the latest album, using a un-folded album cover to clean their weed, or reading all of the liner notes on the inside and the back of these now collectibles.  I’m getting out my hanky now…

So, what’s the soundtrack to YOUR love life?


13 comments on “The Soundtrack of My (Love) Life

  1. Kate Hall says:

    Aww man, I love Bread. So does my husband. They’re on our iPods. LOL! I have to think about my life soundtrack now.

  2. flemily says:

    Great stuff…my husband always claims I am the musically-impaired one (yes, I even went through a disco phase) and even now whenever we are riding in the car together and an old rock song comes on, he quizzes me to see if I know who it is (9 times out of 10 I don’t). I wonder if there’s hope for me yet…

  3. Wow! Way to take me back gf! Funny you were sneaking down to U of D, right in my own neighborhood! 🙂

  4. Amy Ruhlin says:

    LOL on the Best Of Bread Album! My hubs has a huge album collection..they are all wrapped in plastic..he was a DJ in college and he most certainly had Bose 🙂 Do you remember that cool Bose poster of the guy sitting down wearing the scarf and being blown away by the bose speakers..we had that poster in our first apt 🙂

  5. Love this! You brought back a lot of memories for me, and the whole Bread thing just cracks me up!

  6. henrymowry says:

    1. Bread is one of my all time favorites. 2. My wife was the rock & roller, so I think I get a pass. 3. Had never heard the Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts, uh, hit. I’m very concerned for you. Or, the past you.

  7. annamaries22 says:

    Are you a Scottie, if you are then it sounds like you were there at the same time I was. . . small world.

  8. Gail Moore says:

    I met MA on the first day at the aforementioned women’s college. I will be forever grateful to her for broadening my college musical horizons beyond beach music and southern rock. One of my favorite (if somewhat hazy) college memories was of a epic Police/Go Go’s concert at Greensboro Coliseum that MA insisted we all must see. And yes, I believe I was standing on a cooler in front of the stage when Mz. Thang did her thang with Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts.

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