Southern Ladies United Together (plural hah

What offends us most, why we still spank, why we would never be caught dead wearing white shoes after Labor Day, why we love Francis I sterling at dinner parties, why we get the ‘vapors’, why we partake of a good cocktail, why we NEVER go out in public without makeup, why we ant our kids to go Greek at college, and more. But hilariously funny-not prudes…..stay tuned…..

UPDATED!!! OK, OK, this is open to ANY lady who is SOUTHERN anything! Like, South Jersey, South North Los Angeles, South North Iceland-whatever!


3 comments on “S.L.U.T.S.

  1. Hmmm… I guess I don’t qualify as a proper belle since I do make the one exception for tobacco products. But truthfully, I think my TX heritage disqualifies me as a genuine Southerner. I thought the fact that my great-grandfather was named after Lincoln’s assassin might get me in, but then I go and disqualify myself with my expectoratory tendencies. Damn. So close.

  2. In my description of my blog, it say “Observations of a redneck, barefoot, rum and tequila drinking Southern Belle”..work for you?

    And no white shoes before Memorial Day, Bless Some Hearts and Mama Said!

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