She’d Better be Glad She’s Not MY Daughter……


OK-here is my teenage rant for the week-and it’s not even about MY teenager!

If US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney were my daughter, I would slap her teensy little ass into yesterday for the puss she was wearing after receiving the silver medal last night on the vault. Guess what my dear-this photo is all over the internet-yay for you.

With all the accolades and pep talks these kids get going in to big time competitions-I guess losing (if you call getting a silver medal in the Olympics losing..) is not really discussed. And losing gracefully is probably really NOT discussed.

I would certainly like Marta Karolyi better if she yanked her off the mat and gave her a good talking to. And that lovely girl from Romania who won–she walked up and congratulated her, so did the Russian girl, and McKayla barely got out of her slumped seat to give them a half-hearted hug.

As a parent-I would be mortified.  Even in the smallest of competitions-good sportsmanship is essential.  Half the time the parents are the ones who makes their kids psychotic about it.  You’ve seen that baseball sign going around the internet-the one about hey-it’s just little kids playing baseball?  Right-they need one for all sports.

One sportswriter called it grace under pressure-uh, sorry dude-where was the grace? I understand this is the Olympics and all, but seeing the smiles on the faces of the folks from a country I cannot pronounce having a great time coming in last and stating that they are just happy to be there is true grace.  How about the amputee runner from South Africa?  How about the rower from Niger who came in an entire two minutes after the winner to the huge applause of the crowd?  There are too many to list.  That’s grace in my book.

So now, that is what I am going to remember this kid for.  Not her team gold, not her ability on the vault–nope, that sourpuss expression on her face on national TV.

Way to go coaches and mom and dad–great leadership teaches grace under pressure, and thankfulness, and sportsmanship, and class.


Follow up:  Check this out-Usain Bolt-class act…



WTF Wednesday Olympic Edition

In honor of the current large sporting event going on across the pond–I did some internet research to find what I feel are some of the funniest WTF photos of athletes at the Olympics-hope you are wearing your Depends: (Oh, and a little man candy….)

Why We Wax…..

Why you shouldn’t go Commando at the Olympics…

Even headless girls can do gymnastics!

Holy Shit-I just jumped of a really high platform!

OK, THIS is a bad day……

There is a reason for allover tanning…

Oh Hell NO!

Uh, see first photo, dude….

OK a little MAN CANDY for my gurlzzzzzz!

Enjoy the Olympics! Because this is the ONLY time it’s  ever acceptable to say that you love to see a guy in a Speedo…..

PS These photos are NOT mine, either….