Sisterhood of the Traveling Trolls


I was in the land of the Walking Dead yesterday.  I attended the Saturday session of Aiming Low’s Non Conference in Callaway Gardens, Georgia.  It is fairly close to the areas that they film the network TV series and I was hoping to run into some sexy zombies but alas, just some really sexy bloggers!

This was my first blogging conference for what I call the real bloggers out there–creative people of all shapes, ideas, personalities and truly committed to their craft and it was both surreal, eye-opening, and fun to be with like-minded people JUST LIKE ME! (read-crazy, funny, smart, sassy, talented, challenged, stressed, etc).

In the meantime I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from the Menopausal Mother!  And there are some rules that go with this that I am happy to comply with:

Include award logo in blog post, thank the nominee and link back to their site
Post 7 interesting facts about yourself
Pass the award to 7 deserving sisters
7 Like TOTALLY interesting Facts about myself:

1.  I met IRL the Pioneer Woman at the Aiming Low Non Con yesterday and she sang “Endless Love” while showing a slide show of Charlie, her Bassett hound.  She is so human-which is why she is so popular, and I hear she can down a mean martini, and over 20 olives…

2.  Last week I wrote about my adult ADD – made worse, of course by the fact that I am a Woman of a Certain Age.  I wrote about it here at I Can Haz Shinee Objects

3.  I am going to move my blog this week to another host so there may be a teesny bit of downtime – but this will finally give me a chance to clean my house. Yeah, don’t pass out.

4.  I also wrote a post last week on a little problem that an oh, so intellectual fraternity at University Of Tennessee had with boxed wine.  If you are brought up right in my house you do not drink boxed wine unless you are camping in an RV park, partying with your girlfriends on a spooky bus tour of downtown Asheville, or get stuck doing your clothes in a laundromat. Just saying.

5.  I made it into the Huffington Post.  Well, kinda.  The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva did.  With the dog shaming craze, she asked us bloggers to do a little mom shaming.  And we did.  My pic made it onto her article.  And in the album-not one of the 10 best but hey, I’ll take it.

6.  I am a flea, antique and thrift store whore.  In the last 2 weeks me and my partner in crime  I have amassed probably Atlanta’s largest collection of Butt Ugly Christmas Sweaters. And you can have one too for your holiday parties! Come join us at the Lakewood 400 Market this upcoming weekend.  You can also buy lotsa other fun stuff there too.  I have always been a flea freak.  Don’t know why. But maybe it’s because of all of the moving we did growing up that  I have no remnants of my childhood toys to look at — which is totally fine.  But I still collect Trolls…

giggle @F51

7.  Everyone has a Bucket List.  My top one is to be a Zombie Extra on the Walking Dead just once. In high school, I remember watching Night of the Living Dead with friends and thank god it was in black and white.  But zombies have always fascinated me for some really weird reason and just once, I want to stagger and groan and eat gross stuff with a horrid makeup job completely sober…   

So thank you MM – And I would like to pass this award on to these fellow sisters:


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Have a great week and come play with me on twitter @hellomap


The Menopause Zombie


AMC had a Walking Dead marathon this weekend. 16 and I watched the whole thing including the Talking Dead special Sunday night. I am obsessed with this show.

And that is really head injured considering I am not in their target demographics and I hate :

-Scary Movies
-Blood, guts, guns, spurting brains and internal organs, bulging eyes
-Depressing plot lines
-Apocalyptic plot lines
-Moaning and screaming unless it’s porn
-Bows, arrows, buildings on fire, blowing up stuff
-Bugs and decapitation–unless you decapitate the bug, then I’m okay with that……..

And this show has all of the above and more, and is on cable, and as I said, I cannot get enough of it.

I started watching Walking Dead because a good buddy of mine’s daughter played Sophia, the darling little girl who, in the second season, got chased into the woods by zombies, hid for a while, then walked off. I wanted to check her out and this series because I was hearing so much about it. She is an awesome little actress. When she disappeared, I messaged her dad about it and asked where she was and his comeback was ‘well, today she is in school.’

Sophia Peltier

Haha very funny.

So, watching that story arc and finding out what happen became an important part of my Sunday evenings.

And I also figured out that zombies and women in menopause are remarkably alike…..

-They stagger around looking for something to eat constantly
-They act like they are in a daze full-time
-They do not care what they look like
-They moan quite a bit
-Their hair would scare any mother
-When they get pissed, holy shit watch out! Well, they are always pissed…
-Their clothes are horrendous and do not seem to fit properly. Seriously, when I become one I better have on my Miss Me jeans and my Tory Burch flats…
-They walk around like they are in one constant hot flash
-They eat their children
-They eat their husbands

See, told you I was hungry….

The Young and the Zombieless, All My Zombies, The Bold and The Zombies — all rolled into one show–SQUEEEEE!

Therefore, the real problem out there in WD land is really that menopause has gone viral.

Could happen. . .